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crazy quilt

This block still needs a lot of work.  I am hoping that by posting it I will get my act in gear to get it finished.  I have nine blocks started for this quilt.  Each one represents a fruit of the spirit.  Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  I have been working on this quilt for at least six years!  Isn't that awful?  But some of that time was collecting fruit themed fabric.  Actually, it might even be longer than six years.  Whatever.  I will get this finished, I will, I will.

Diva cord maker

I am not totally sure why I bought the Diva cord maker but I did.  I made the cord above over the weekend.  I plan to use it for a book closure, wrap style.  I think it will look great.  Now that I have the cord maker I think I will make some cord to couch down onto some crazy quilting.  It is a bit of tedious process but if you don't make a really long cord it shouldn't take too long.

Moving on

I have had a lot of time for shopping lately.  I was in Toronto yesterday and found the beautiful fabric and trims pictured above.  Great fun.  Unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time for creating.  That is going to change.  Today was my last day of work at my part time bookkeeping job.  I am so excited to think about the extra time I will have for creating.  I am moving on to better things.

bead journal project for May

I just didn't want to give up on this piece.  I knew if I kept going I could make it into something good.  The process started with an acrylic transfer that was less than successful - as most are.  I think when you do an acrylic transfer it is best to plan for it to NOT be perfect as they so very rarely are.  I persisted and I am glad that I did.  I think this is a pretty cool journal page.  I love the wings.  I did a rubbing with silver metallic oil pastel to get the impression.  The wings are made of wood.  They are a scrapbook item I found on ebay. 

the next step with the acrylic transfer

I have used a watered down acrylic ink to add color to the background of this piece.  I really believe it has potential.  I am thinking that I will add beads and use it for my May bead journal piece.  I better get moving on that.  May is going to be over before I know it.

The Grand National opening

Here I am pictured with my small quilt that was accepted into the Grand National show.  It is very exciting to have one of my pieces accepted into this show.  There are 50 wonderful quilts hanging in this show.  The artists are from all across Canada.  What an honour to be among them! The opening was this past Sunday.  It was great to see so many friends there.  I am blessed to know so many talented artists.  Life is good.

shopping bounty

Last Friday I was shopping on Queen Street in Toronto with my sister.  What fun!  We had a such a good time together.  It is so wonderful to have a sister and be able to share art with her.  We shopped until we almost dropped.  I bought some gorgeous silk.  The three pieces to the right are absolutely luscious.  The piece on the left is not silk but a very stiff fabric.  The sparkle and shine of it is what really got me.  I can hardly wait to create with it.

New Horizons

My world is about to change.  My youngest son is soon to graduate from our home school.  I am going through the process of mourning that.  I have totally loved teaching my three sons.  Sometimes I think that I learned more than my kids learned but that is not the case.  All three of them are smart as whips and will excel at whatever career they choose.  They were good students and learned what they needed to learn.  I just learned different things. I am now in the place where I need to start a new career.  I do some part time bookkeeping but I cannot possibly do that full time.  I am passionate about my art and about teaching.  I am hoping that somehow I can earn a decent income from my art and or teaching art.   I post this on my blog so that I can put this desire out there.  I am trusting that I can find the right thing.  Something that makes me happy and I enjoy.  So, here I am world.  A woman with 16 years teaching experience.  A woman passionate about art.  A woman with loads

Are you sick of the rust yet?

I just love the color and pattern. 

yet more rust and pealing paint

I think it would be interesting to have a collection of these photos framed and exhibited.  I would title it where moth and rust destroy.  I find it fascinating that thousands upon thousands of dollars can be spent on a car.  A car that was once someone's dream and they all end up in the same state.

more rust and pealing paint

The colors and texture are great.  Two of my favorite things.