Thursday, September 10, 2009


I posted this picture on Cracked Paper quilts.  Unfortunately my comment didn't show up with the picture. My comment was asking for advice as to how to finish this piece.   Maybe I'll get some advice here on my blog.
I created this fabric and paper piece using Beryl Taylor's method.  I love her work and her book Mixed Media Explorations.  I like this piece so far but feel it's just a start.  I think there is more to be done but I am a little anxious about trying anything.  Because I like it - I'm afraid to ruin it! 
How do you get past that fear/anxiety?  What do you do? 

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loVe2cre8 said...

Start by asking yourself what its end use will be. Look for visual input - other magazines, pictures, etc. to stimulate ideas. If you are afraid of making a mistake you could make colour photocopies of it to audition your ideas first but you could also accept that any "mistakes" trigger further creative thought.