Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fearless Painting

Oh my gosh!  I had so much fun today.  I took a Fearless Painting workshop.  We did some cool warm up exercises in the morning.  These two paintings I did in the morning.  Laurie really kept us moving.  I love classes like that.  Fast and furious is just my style.  Lunch was brought in for us.  It was fabulous, really yummy.  I ate two pieces of dessert! 
In the afternoon we worked on one large piece.  I think that there is more that I would like to do it but I think it is basically okay.


Cobi said...

I love your paintings Angela. Bold and colorful. I love the texture and the use of reds and yellows. Painting is how I got started eons ago. The top work looks oil painting, but I guess they are acrylics, right?

Angela Grasse said...

Hi Cobi
Yes, they are all acrylic paintings. I have never worked with oils.
warm regards

MLM said...

How fun! The paintings are great!! How nice, too, to walk out at the end of the day with completed work. Glad you had a fun day.

Anonymous said...

Your fearless painting reflects your spring photography. Lovely!