Friday, November 18, 2011

kitchen foil in art

I did this technique years ago with my kids.  One of my sons actually won first place in the fall fair with his foil art.  Pretty cool. 
My friends created these a while ago.  I just found the camera, thankfully.  We glued down some string, covered that with foil and then added layers of acrylic paint.  These make great journal covers.  Oh yes, I also put a coat of varnish over it all once it had dried for a few days. 


Daisy said...

this looks like fun I have never tried it. Does the paint peel off or stay on the foil. I would love to make some journal covers if this is stable
Cheers Merle

Angela Grasse said...

I believe with a coat of varnish the cover would stand up to some abuse.

Claudine brodeuse de perles said...

Il faudra que j'essaie. Merci. Bisous