Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Work in Progress Wednesday

Well, maybe not so much work but definitely thinking and planning.  I bought these gorgeous fabrics when I was in Hawaii.  I was thrilled to find that fabric is not outrageously priced there.  I was fully expecting the fabric to expensive like it was in New Zealand.  I restrained myself admirably only buying these four pieces.  I am kind of regretting that!  Oh well, I really didn't need more fabric.  I have an idea percolating about how to use these pretties and hope to find the time to start soon.
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Susan said...

I've heard that about fabric in Hawaii. A friend tells me it's cheaper because it's coming from Asia, with Hawaii being the first stop. Therefore, less expense in shipping. Plus she's always telling me about the huge fabric store near the airports - some day I'll have to check those out!