Monday, August 10, 2009

Another book

I love making books. I think this one turned out pretty cool. All the dangles hanging off the spine make me really happy. They're so sparkly and pretty! There is actually some foil on the cover but it doesn't show in the photograph that well.

This is the inside of the book. The pages are all different sizes. I really like that I stepped outside of the box and made them that way.


loVe2cre8 said...

I really like them, especially that you used odd-sized pages. I did that too in one of my journals with that black paper you sent me. It wouldn't fit an 8.5 x 11" folded-in-half-sized journal but I wouldn't let that deter me from using it. I will post pictures of it on my blog.

kasmello said...

It is beautiful!

Angela said...

Hey Kasmello
I couldn't find any other way to communicate with you. I just wanted to say thanks!

trisha too said...

this is lovely!

gale said...

I love your stuff!!! The books are wonderful. Oh how pretty! Thaks for letting me look!
Love and Laughter,