Thursday, October 15, 2009

altered book pages

Here are a couple of more pages from my mothering altered book.  I used stamp pad ink to color the pages in the top picture.  I wasn't really happy with the look so I added some white gesso to mute the color.  I also stamped into the gesso when it was wet to get some added texture.  I like the way the pages look now.

I used silver acrylic paint to color the pages in the bottom picture.  I then added some victorian die cuts.  I love the soft, romantic look of victorian dies cuts.

Have a sparkly day and keep creating!


Artifice said...


Your blog is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your kaleidoscopes with me to use in my art. If and when I get around to making something with them I will let you know. I enjoyed perusing all of your posts with all of your art journaling, book making, etc. I particularly love your black glitter high heels and your comments about being surrounded by men at home and them not getting you with your girly blog! I love to make books too! And art journaling, making ATC's, collage, ceramics. My blog is
I havn't posted anything new since June but there are some good things on there.

Artfully, Linda

Aimeslee said...

Oh, I love all your recent uploaded creations, Angela! Thanks for posting a message for us to come see. xoxo, Aimeslee from AJS at A.R.T.

Loulou in Texas said...

Very nice work! Can just see it peeking out, so I would love to see your cover someday, too!

Cobi said...

your lovely work sure stimulates my creativiy. wish I had time to get something done today. thank you for sharing.

Deborah said...

I like Victorian die cuts too. I like how you used them here. sorry to hear about the disaster with your puppy. He probably thought you made him something extra special and fun and sparkly to play with :)I can understand why you were upset. You did a great job though adding it to the altered book. It looks good.

Judy in cFL said...

Just beautiful!! Love the heart shape.