Monday, October 26, 2009

Altered book

I worked in this altered book a bit more yesterday.  Sometimes I think that my art is never finished.  I will put a book away thinking it's finished but the next time I look at it I think - I should do this or do that, add something or whatever.  So, I am working in this book again.  I posted pictures of some pages from this book on July 6th if you want to see more.
I don't mind that there always seems to be more to do on my art.  I think it means that I am improving and learning  and that's a good thing.

Sprinkles of giggles to you!


Corinne said...

love these pages- the colors and keys, etc.- very mysterious and somehow medieval looking! I love it!

Loulou in Texas said...

I really like your colors and layers. Remember, Tom Phillips began "A Humument" in 1966 and it is still a work in progress!