Sunday, January 3, 2010

Iridescent Stainless Steel (Coarse)by Golden and soft pastel pencils on an art journal page

I promised I would show another use for Iridescent Stainless Steel (Coarse) by Golden.  So, here is a journal page with that paint and Giconda soft pastel pencils.  The coarseness of the paint feels gritty almost like sandpaper because of that it really grabs hold of the pastels (probably any soft pastels will work).  I have not used any fixative on top of the pastels and yet I cannot rub the pastel off.  It works really well.  Let me know if you give it a try!

Here is a close up.


Karen said...

Love how this looks!!

freebird said...

That looks like fun.

MLM said...

Beautiful pattern and sheen! Your love of creating (and sparkly things) comes through clearly in your art!

Carol said...

Hi Angela, I have a question about the Iridescent Stainless Steel (Coarse) by Golden. I'm only just registering that such things exist and I really like the look of what you've done here. Does the irridescent go down first and you've put the pastels on top or round the other way - or something completely different? My ignorance amazes me but if I don't ask I'll never find out. Carol

Angela Grasse said...

Hi Carol
Yes, I painted the iridescent paint on the journal page, left it to dry, then drew with the pastels after it was dry. Good question and I should probably describe what I do more accurately.
warm regards

Carol said...

Thanks, Angela, you're a great help. All the best, Carol