Thursday, March 4, 2010

bead journal project for March

I had a lot of fun making this journal page.  I did a lot of needle felting and some beading.  You really must click on the picture to see the details better.  I enjoyed the needle felting and will likely do more of it.  The beading is minimal but it seems right for this page.
This also works for my Artist Journals and Sketchbooks study.  The lesson was to journal on something other than a journal.  Think outside of the box.
I love two for one.


Maer aka Marilyn Harris-Mills said...

this is absolutely gorgeous....the detail is precious.

freebird said...

Minimal but very nice. This looks wonderful! I am almost done with my January piece - just a tad behind, lol.

Two for one is a great way to go!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

ooh i think it's so pretty! reminds me of a fairy tale. i love the fibers. it all goes so perfectly together. marvelous!

Robin said...

Minimal beading is perfect for this! You've made such a lovely habitat for your butterfly. I agree about two for one... it's great!

Robin A.

nanke's stuff said...

It really is quite lovely .... well done! nancy

Magpie Sue said...

It's a lovely page! Light and frothy. More beading would have just weighed it down in an unpleasant way. Good job!