Thursday, May 20, 2010


Almost two years ago I got to take a two day workshop with Beaney and Littlejohn.  It was a great workshop.  We worked with needle felting machines for part of the workshop.  I enjoyed learning how to use one but thought I could live without owning one. However, I did purchase a hand held needle felter.  I quite enjoyed working with it and have produced some nice work with it.  When I saw the Janome felter at an auction I thought what the heck if I can get it cheap enough I'll buy it.  Well, I got it and am really enjoying it.  It works so much faster than doing it by hand.

The piece above I felted and then free motion quilted.  That\s a lot of machining for a girl that prefers handwork!  I love the texture that was achieved by felting and quilting.  I don't think I could have achieved this look with handwork.  I may use this a background for some beading for the bead journal project. 


Unknown said...

Humm Angela, I thought I could do without one too! Now I'm not so sure! That piece looks wonderful!

Angela Grasse said...

Thanks Sally! I know tht I really like using it. It is SO much faster than by hand. I think it does a better job with thick fibres too.

michelle said...

congrats Angela on your new machine you will love it ! If your ever interested Judy Eckhardt a friend of mine teaches embellisher classes at Reichards quilt store in st Jacobs they are a lot of fun and you get to play with some fun stuff ! i just swapped my janome one for a babylock i like them equally the only difference i find is the babylock has more needles and a little quieter but other than that i don't find much difference ! ENJOY !!