Sunday, July 25, 2010

oh the colors!

Need I say anything?  The colors are magnificent!  I am trying to get a lot of photos together so that I can make an iphoto book.  I don't own a Mac but my son does and he is kindly letting me use to make the book.


Julie (Okami) said...


michelle said...

Hi Angela your photography is amazing ! i have enjoyed viewing some of your recent work it is all just lovely. Would you mind sharing where the indian store is and where your taking your workshops.
You are so lucky finding the cocoons wow that was a great buy. I made some lovely tassles using half a cocoon as the top they look great. You can use a variety of fibres and it makes them look very interesting !
have a great weekend

Angela Grasse said...

Hi Michelle
The Indian store is called Onkar at the Hazelglen Plaza. The workshop I am taking is in Campbelleville with Sandra Spagnuolo. If you ever get the chance to take a workshop with her do it!