Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bead journal project for January 2011

I took a photo of the weed/flower Queen Anne's lace.  I imported that photo into my Kaleidoscope Kreator software and created the snowflake.  I printed it on silk charmeuse and then I beaded it.  The beading really is minimal but I plan to make these journal pages into a quilt - wallhanging.    Actually, I may still add some more beading - I am not sure.


Cyndi L said...

Angela, that is just beautiful!! I have always been a sucker for Queen Ann's lace, and I love your interpretation of it :-)

Carol said...

Well, I say, when you're done, leave it alone!
This is pretty cool. I wondered where you got that fabric. Now I see the Kaleidoscope. Pretty cool effect.

Anonymous said...

This is so unique, one-of-a-kind right from the start with photographing the Queen Ann's Lace, then turning it into something you could bead. It's lovely!

Robin said...

It's just magical beautiful, Angela!!! Although it really doesn't seem to NEED any more beading, you could always do more down the road. I look forward to seeing more of your pages and how you will put them together into a quilt-wallhanging.

Robin A.

Anonymous said...

Lovely and quite unique.