Sunday, August 14, 2011

last pages of the vintage lace book

I had so much fun creating this book.  Who wouldn't enjoy working with beautiful lace and ribbons etc.  Truly I live in an abundant world where all my needs are met.  I have many beautiful treasures with which to work and play.  I have the time, energy and ideas to create.  I am blessed.


Talking Horses Arts said...

They are gorgeous Angela!

Linda Manning Findley said...

all the pages are just beautiful .... Linda F

Peggy Bainbridge said...

Your fabric book is an inspiration. I feel a day of aging some lace coming on and a try at this kind of book.
Thank you for sharing your art.

Coleen said...

Angela, it is so good to hear you expressing gratefulness for all you have. Something we all need to do more of. Your pages are lovely and have inspired me. I have lots of those type of materials. I am also truly blessed.

Coleen, American missionary in Ukraine
come visit and follow, I'm following you.

Coleen said...

Angela, thank you for following on my blog. This last page above is so lovely. Pockets with lace, such a great idea. You are truly using God's creativity in your work. If only other's knew, what they call their muse, is divine Creativity at work. Afterall, "made in his likeness," we were made to create. What a joy.

Coleen in Ukraine