Wednesday, January 18, 2012

crazy quilt journal project

I finally have a direction for this project.  I have picked out some fabric from my stash that I think I will use.  I am going with an animal print theme.  This seems a bit dark now that I am looking at the picture.  I know I have some other lighter fabrics in my stash that I can use so I will look for those when I have a minute.  Also I know that I have some marvelous beads that will work for this but I can't find them just now. 

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Peacock said...

I love this fabric combo! .. it might be okay for the fabric set to feel a little dark, because you could choose to lighten the overall piece with your thread and embellishment choices. If you use lighter threads and such, the darker ground would help them show up. Just a thought, of course- there are many lovely ways to approach every CQ.