Saturday, March 3, 2012

bead journal project with clock gears

When I joined the bead journal project a couple of years ago it was because I wanted to bead like Robin.  She is so talented.  I quickly realized that I wasn't likely to ever bead/stitch like that.  I felt inadequate and made apologies for that.  This year I decided that I would not feel badly about the way that I do things.  I would take this project and do my own thing and feel good about it.  It has freed me up to think about beads in a different way.  So this month my 'beads' are clock gears and watch face.  Of course I had to include some regular beads as well!
The top photo is the whole piece.  Unfortunately I could not get the color right.  The bottom picture is a close up of the beading.  The color in the image is closer to correct.


aprilZ said...

I love your rust photo and the abstract pictures you are creating for BJP stimulate my imagination - I can see so many things in them. Don't apologize for being yourself - revel in being unique!

Which picture would you like me to include in the collage?

Angela Grasse said...

Thank you so much! I tried replying to your comment but that didn't work. Hopefully you will see my reply here. Whichever picture you like is fine to include in the collage. I am fine with what you choose.

crazyQstitcher said...

Your work is fabulous. I like both colours - cameras and light can create such a difference to the original.
The clock parts make me think of spaceships.
Please keep doing your own thing it is great.

Robin said...

You can't know how happy it makes me feel, Angela, to read that you've decided to do beading your own way and feel good about it! BRAVO!!!! And I love the rust and how you gently enhance it with the beads, gears and such! Sometimes I'd like to bead more like you, because I really enjoy a zen feeling with art like yours.

Robin A.