Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TAST wheatear stitch

Sharon at http://pintangle.com has us doing the wheatear stitch this week.  This is a new stitch for me.  I drew the lines on the fabric as suggested for doing this stitch.  Often I don't bother with the lines but I am glad that I did this time.  It is a cool stitch and I definitely will try to use it again.  I don't know what I will do about using it on a crazy quilt though.  You certainly can't draw the lines on that.


Julie said...

Pretty pink to purple stitching!!!

Linda H said...

Great job! You can draw lines on a CQ block if you are careful to use the proper marking pen or pencil- something that can easily be erased or removed.. Or even the use of tape to give you an "edge" rather than a "line" - then peel off... Or there are lots of CQ stencils on the market which give you a straight line of dots to mark - that works too!