Take a stitch Tuesday

AACK!  I am falling behind on the stitches.  I try really hard to stay on top of them and it is making me a little stressed that I am behind.  Breathe deeply, it is just a stitch.  I wasn't expecting Sharon B at http://pintangle.com/ to show a new stitch today.  I was going to push through and try to get it done today but that is stressing me worse.  So here is the beaded shell chain stitch from last week. I really like the beaded stitches.  I am using them on my bead journal project.  I will get to the new stitch before next Tuesday but right now I have to concentrate on preparing some class samples for a teaching gig in May.


Queeniepatch said…
I have still not worked the beaded shell stitches, or even posted the work on my the ordinary shell stitches. So there is no need to feel stressed!
I think yours are looking very attractive on your beaded journal.
Stitching Lady said…
Thanks to Queenie who mentioned you on her post about the shell chain stitches I came now to have a look and I see that they are wonderful - on the felt.
Stitching Lady said…
Usually I make mistakes and have to correct afterwards but I could not on your comment window - the life traffic feed is on top of the word "edit" - Never mind - I have to take care - I wanted to add that I like your journal page.

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