Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Take a stitch Tuesday

Sharon B at http://pintangle.com/ teaches us how to do the Feathered Chain stitch this week.  It is super easy.  I feel like I should have done something more inventive with it since it was so easy for me.  Don`t you hate the word should!  I used it to cover another seam join on my crazy quilt.  That quilt has most of the block seams done now.  Soon I am going to have to face the fact I will have to finish it with a back and binding.  I really don`t enjoy that part of the process.  I have another finished top sitting at my machine waiting for the same thing.  I am finding it difficult to work up the courage to do it.


Queeniepatch said...

Just bite the bullet! Once it is over you will feel great!
The Feathered Chain stitch has plenty of space to add other stitches, buttons or beads. You COULD postpone the bullet biting and add some more stitches on that seam!

Anonymous said...

your block is beautiful, looking forward to your progress. you can do it!

Annet said...

I love the thread you used for this pretty stitch.