Take a stitch Tuesday

This is my first attempt at the Interlaced Up and down buttonhole.  I wasn't particularly successful with it.  The substrate I worked on was miserable to use.  It is an interesting stitch and I definitely want to try it again.  My thanks to Sharon B at    http://pintangle.com/  for the instructions.


sharonb said…
Hi Angela - what is the foundation fabric? I think the stitch still made and interesting mark - to me your piece looks like a drought ravaged landscape. If you want a more traditional look try the stitch on a bit of linen.
Angela said…
The foundation is painted tissue paper adhered to felt and then machine stitched.
Dianne said…
The background is very organic looking, and like Sharon said, the stitch has made an interesting mark. Definitely worth persevering with the substrate fabric.
Renee said…
Painted tissue paper sounds delicate to work with! I love the overall look of the fabric with this stitch.

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