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To answer a few questions

    These maple leaf sequins I colored with Sharpie markers.  It works quite well.  It does not rub off.  I have not tried putting them through the wash so I don't know how well they stand up to washing.   I must say that I like the alcohol inks better. These fabrics I marbled with cheap acrylic paints and shaving cream.  Okay, what's with the underlining again!!!  I wish I were more html literate!  The acrylic works just as well as the food coloring (see post below).  I would like to try Dye-na-flow as it is very fluid and I think it might move easier than the craft acrylics.  You absolutely must let the acrylic paint cure before washing the fabric.  I taught a class to my guild and one of the students (I love you Elizabeth) washed her marbled fabric right away and it all washed out.  Drag.  If you are in a big hurry to use the fabric you could always heat set it first.