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The dog ate my homework

 This page has a bit of a story.  I had made a crazy quilt heart and appliqued it to a traditional quilt block.  This was for a friend who was getting chemo treatments.  The plan was that she would get a quilt block each time she came home from her treatment.  The quilt blocks were coming from many different friends, some had quilting experience some had no experience.  At the end of the treatments the organizer would collect the blocks and have them made into a beautiful quilt.  I think it is a truly lovely and thoughtful idea.  I was glad to participate.  So I had my block finished and it was sitting on my ironing board.  I thought it was far enough from the ground that our new puppy couldn't possibly reach it.  Well, I was wrong.  Trinity is the only other girl in the house and she likes sparkly things too.  Some how she got her teeth into the block and tore up half of it.  I was just mildly upset - really I wanted to kick her - but I restrained myself admirably. So what a