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Work in Progress Wednesday

 I stitched some silver mesh that I had coloured to look like a rainbow.  The background I stitched it to is fun and funky but a bit busy and the rainbow didn't show up so well.  I decided to add faux gems to make it more noticeable. What little girl would love the glitz!  This princess loves it!  I think my granddaughter will enjoy it too.   I am getting really close to having all the stitching done for this book.  I have allowed the five-year-old princess that lives deep inside to come out to play.  What a joy!  I feel like using my stitching to illustrate a book for children is the perfect use for my talents.  I am not a deep dark person.  I love bright and cheerful and have often felt that I could never be a success in the art world because I am not brooding or whatever.  I don't want to be a success on those terms.  This book will be a success for me if Juniper loves it.   I am planning to make it available for purchase in some way.  Having others buy it would be a dream c