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Look what I threw together

It has been a busy week but I have made a bit of time to play around.  I bought a beautiful piece of grey duponi silk from a thrift store this week.  I couldn't resist for $3.00 but I do have a rule for myself.  I am required to use any fabric I bring home in a reasonable amount of time.  I try not to buy a lot of fabric since my stash is monstrous.  Whose isn't?  I got the fabric wet and started sprinkling Brusho powders onto it.  The colours spread beautifully and I achieved the impression of a garden which is what I had hoped to do.  The Brusho crystals are not likely permanent and I am okay with that.  I have no intention of washing it. This is kind of a large piece for me.  It is approximately 30 x 20 inches.  Is it weird that I am thinking that this will be a book page?  That I want to make a giant book? I am excited to start stitching into this but it will have to wait until a couple of other things are done first. I am linking to http://ninamariesayre.blogspo