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The next layer

I wasn't overly in love with the piece I started and showed earlier.  I decided to add a layer of paper towel that had bright pink and turquoise on it.  I adhered it to the fabric with a thinned down white glue.  I thought the bright colors would perk up the piece.  Well, the paper towel over powered the piece, see the top picture.  However the colors bled through to the back of the fabric and made that the more interesting side, bottom picture.  Granted neither of these pictures are accurate in regards to color.  I am still not in love with it and I am considering trying one more thing.  Just not sure what that will be at this time.  I am enjoying the freedom of exploration.  I am not too caught up in the end product.  If works out to be something good, great!  If not, it was a learning a process.