Friday, June 4, 2010

Today I celebrate me!!!

It's my birthday and I thought I would write a post for me, just me.  Read on if you like but I will probably sound very egotistical in this post.  I just want to celebrate some of the things that I am and have done right in this life. 
I am an accomplished artist.  I have been published in a book and a magazine.  I have had my work accepted in a national show.  I a creative and clever.
I am a  loving wife, dutiful daughter, good sister and dedicated mother.  I have three fantastic sons to prove that I am a good mother!!
I am a fun and experienced teacher.
I am a woman that loves to luxuriate in an extremely frothy bubble bath.  There is royalty in my family tree.  Does that explain my blog name!  I think so.
I am a loyal friend.
I am a strong and healthy woman.
I am a blissfully simple and somewhat shallow woman.  There are many things that I just don't care to know anything about.
I have run a small business for 18 years that contributes a little bit of money to our household and affords me the pleasure of staying home with my children.  Of course, it is my husband's better paying job that really affords me the ability to be a mostly at home mom but I celebrate me today.
I have created a quiet, comfortable home where we can be ourselves.  Where we can find peace in this world.
I am a content and grateful woman for the beautiful life that I have.
I think we should all spend a bit of time celebrating ourselves.  It fills up our soul and makes us better able to give love to our family and friends.  
If anyone has something else nice to add to my list feel free.  If anyone has some not so nice things to say about me - keep it to yourself - my inner critic tells me plenty of that crap!!