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Today I celebrate me!!!

It's my birthday and I thought I would write a post for me, just me.  Read on if you like but I will probably sound very egotistical in this post.  I just want to celebrate some of the things that I am and have done right in this life.  I am an accomplished artist.  I have been published in a book and a magazine.  I have had my work accepted in a national show.  I a creative and clever. I am a  loving wife, dutiful daughter, good sister and dedicated mother.  I have three fantastic sons to prove that I am a good mother!! I am a fun and experienced teacher. I am a woman that loves to luxuriate in an extremely frothy bubble bath.  There is royalty in my family tree.  Does that explain my blog name!  I think so. I am a loyal friend. I am a strong and healthy woman. I am a blissfully simple and somewhat shallow woman.  There are many things that I just don't care to know anything about. I have run a small business for 18 years that contributes a little bit of money to our h