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art for the soul

Friends and art make for a really good day.  I spent a delightful morning with my friends at Sandra Spagnuolo's workshop.  We experimented with gelatin prints.  The two prints pictured above are some of the prints I made today.  Unfortunately, bringing home a gelatin plate on a hot day is not really the best idea.  While we were eating our lunch my gelatin melted.  Unpleasantly it melted all over the prints that I made.  What a mess!  Then to top it off my golden retriever decided to get cuddly with me.  Normally I enjoy her snuggles but today she had just walked in dog poop.  She actually climbed into my lap with dog poop on her feet.  Yikes!! Had I not had such a wonderful morning with my friends making art I think I would have lost it at this point.  But because of the magic of creating, friends and sunshine I remained calm, cool and collected.  Life is good.