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Take a Stitch Tuesday

Well, the stitching this week definitely tried my patience.  The Twisted Chain stitch is familiar to me and I quite like it.  That prompted me to try something new with it.  I started with DMC Pearlescent Effects thread as I love all things sparkling.  Correction, not all things.  This thread is absolutely miserable with which to stitch.  Ugh.  However, I persisted and got one row stitched.  I had planned to do a second row with it mirroring the first row.  Since I was not happy with the DMC thread I decided to use a different thread, not sure of the brand.  I was stitching along with it when I made a mistake and had to pick it out.  Upon flipping to the back to do so I realized I had been stitching to another part of the quilt.  Ugh!!  After picking all of that out I decided to use a Kreinik thread as I wasn't overly thrilled with the one I had just used.  I wish I would have used a thicker Kreinik thread though.  I think this could look really good with equal weight threads.  O