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A cool idea

Sometimes I think I'm so clever and then I wonder if I came across the idea somewhere along the line and I just don't remember where. Which ever it is, I love creating and playing and exploring. It makes no difference if it is my original idea or not, but I kind of think this idea is. I love leaves. I love sequins. I want to own every color possible. Actually, I have an idea that will require each color of the rainbow but I cannot find purple. Necessity is the mother of invention. I have white leaf sequins (pictured above). I figured I could make them purple with my alcohol inks . It works wonderfully - see picture below. Okay, I have no idea why everything is underlined now and I have no idea how to make it stop. Annoying. Alcohol inks come in so many colors. They work great but they do stain your hands. Drag. The other thing I was thinking is that Prismacolor markers and Sharpie markers would work as well.