Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun times

Art journaling for a week was great - so much art time and so few responsibilities. Diane Eastham is a very good teacher but I still struggled to create something 'good'. Unfortunately, I don't do very good work in a workshop. I create best when I am at home in my studio with all my stuff. It seems you pack everything you possibly can for a workshop but there is always something at home that you wish you had brought.

We came together at the end of each day to share our journal pages. I'm not all that keen on sharing everything that I create in a class but there were a number of people who were in the class that were more than glad to share everything they made. I could have lived without that. My art time is precious and I have to guard it carefully so I am quite selfish about it when I do get it! There were definitely some good ideas shared though.

It was great to spend time with my friends Mary Lynn and Nancy. They are two very creative ladies and they both have a great sense of humour. We did a lot of laughing Mary Lynn shared some beautiful Japanese tissue paper with me. I created the above page with it and found the perfect quote to use on that page. Nancy gave me some ostrich feathers that she brought back from South Africa. I used one feather on this nature page. The photo is a bit blurry sorry.--I figured out how to fix the photo.

I am inspired to work in my journals more. I brought a large journal to work in during the course, it is one that I had done a good numbers of pages in already. Diane looked through it and encouraged me to do double page spreads rather than just work on the right hand page as I had been. I plan to do just that. I have a number of ideas and look forward to having the time to work on them.