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Glass Art

 I love beautiful glass.  The work of Dale Chihuly absolutely amazes me.  I am one of those people that will jump right into something if it appeals to me but glass is intimidating.  Working with an open flame seems a bit scary.  Instead, I have collected beautiful glass over the years.  I have a lovely collection in one of my studio windows.  It makes me happy. The garden in my front yard does not get much sun and not much grows there.  Every year I have planted and every year the flowers are mostly dead by July.  This year I decided not to waste the money.  I decided to make a glass totem and fill my garden with art instead.   You can see the totem in the top photo along with some painted rocks.   The next two photos are some 'flowers' I have created.  I have yet to devise a stem for them.  The stem will need to be quite robust as the glass is fairly heavy.