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going no where fast

Lately I have felt like I am spinning my wheels and going no where.  I have some great ideas for art but they just aren't coming together.  It is a bit frustrating.  I guess we all feel that way sometimes.  It will pass. Pictured above is the start of a journal cover, maybe.  It still needs a lot of work.  I have needle felted a number of different fibres to some cloth.  I have used angelina fibres, dubbing (fly fisherman's material), painted silk, silk fibres, satin and some yarns.  I think it has some potential and eventually it will come together.  It will come together once I am clear as to where I want it to go. Sometimes having too many options stops me in my tracks. This year I have chosen the 'FOCUS' for myself.  I don't do resolutions but choosing one word to concentrate on for the year is something I think will help me.  I can be so scattered at times.  Surely, focus will do me some good! Rereading this post I realize it does not flow very well.