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New Horizons

My world is about to change.  My youngest son is soon to graduate from our home school.  I am going through the process of mourning that.  I have totally loved teaching my three sons.  Sometimes I think that I learned more than my kids learned but that is not the case.  All three of them are smart as whips and will excel at whatever career they choose.  They were good students and learned what they needed to learn.  I just learned different things. I am now in the place where I need to start a new career.  I do some part time bookkeeping but I cannot possibly do that full time.  I am passionate about my art and about teaching.  I am hoping that somehow I can earn a decent income from my art and or teaching art.   I post this on my blog so that I can put this desire out there.  I am trusting that I can find the right thing.  Something that makes me happy and I enjoy.  So, here I am world.  A woman with 16 years teaching experience.  A woman passionate about art.  A woman with loads