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more play day fun

These are samples of embossing powder adhered to cardstock wtih fusible web.  I also showed how to use gel medium to adhere embossing powder. Nancy also shared her new Kroma acrylic paints.  We used some crackle medium to get the crackle affect.  It looks pretty cool.   I'm not sure why some of it looks so whitish.  I guess it take some experimenting. Nancy is the hostess with the mostest!  She shared some silk yarn, silk worm pods, shisha mirrors and a hand carved stamp with each of us.  We often bring little goodies to share with everyone.  It's kind of like Christmas!

play day fun

I have to say that I am very blessed to have such good friends!  Here we are having an art play day.    Nancy showed us how to outline a photo with a black permanent pen.  It really makes the flower pop out.  It is very relaxing to do - kind of like doing a zentangle. Lois showed us a fun technique using kids black markers.  You spray them with water and let the color run.  I am having trouble with blogger.  I think I'll just do another post about the rest of the day.