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I was fortunate to take a workshop with Paula Nadelstern a few years ago. She's the kaleidoscope quilter. I love kaleidoscopes, they're amazing. The workshop was very good but as per usual I never finished the project. I have found my own way to make kaleidoscope quilts. It's much easier. I always look for the easier way to do something. I use the computer program Kaleidoscope Kreator. It works great. I get terrific results quickly. I love quick! I have been printing my kaleidoscopes directly onto silk and cotton fabric with my Epson C88. The C88 uses Durabrite ink which is permanent on fabric. Actually, I've never tested that but I don't plan to use my fabric in anything that will be washed. The above photo is a close up of a kaleidoscope I printed on paper and applied to a painted canvas. Below is the whole piece.