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I allowed myself to mess around yesterday

I have to say that I LOVE messing around.  I had no predetermined purpose for any of things I colored.  I set out a stack of paper, fabric and doilies.  I got a wash basin and put a damp piece of fabric in the bottom.  I then sprayed some Tulip fabric spray paint on to the fabric.  After which I layered a piece of paper and did the same thing.  I continued layering and spraying until I had used up all the pieces with which I started.  Sometimes I sprayed water also so that the colors would run a bit more.  The pieces near the bottom ended a more muddied color because I used every color of spray I have.  I knew that would happen but decided to just go for it anyway.  I am not a big fan of muddied colors so I may have to add more color to those pieces to brighten them up a bit.  The pieces on the top of the stack are more clear bright colors and I am happier with those.