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I have been itching to get out my camera and play.  I got a new android phone recently and have enjoyed playing with the camera function on it.  Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to get all the photos onto my computer.  I easily loaded one group of images onto my computer but not the second group.  So I am feeling a bit frustrated. Anyway, here is a cool image of color and texture.  Two of my favorite things! I cam across this article today and  really enjoyed it.  Especially this point about ignoring criticisim. 6 – Ignore Criticism  – Creativity is fostered by self confidence.  You can’t be creative while being concerned with potential criticism at the same time.  In order to bring your creative ideas to life, you have to ignore criticism during the creative phase.  Their will be time to consider criticism later on, if and when it comes your way. Click Here:  The Top 12 Keys to Creativity For Photographers