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Slow Stitching Sunday

 I have added beads, an owl charm and more Inktense colour to this piece.  I have also turned it around.  There was something not quite right about it and now that I have turned it I like it so much better.  It is getting very close to finished.  I made next to no progress on my little girl character for my book.  Our puppy has come into a very playful stage.  It is best to use up his exuberant energy with play or he just causes me trouble!  I am not complaining.  Playing with him is delightful but it does take time away from stitching.   I managed to get more of the story written this week.  That felt good.  After talking with my husband I have come to the conclusion that having this book ready for Christmas is not the best plan.  I do have most of the stitching done for the book but still have to properly photograph everything.  I have to finish writing the story.  I know where it is going and what I want to say but still, need to find the right words.  Not having a Christmas deadlin