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Take a stitch Tuesday

The first stitch Sharon B at shared for this year is the fly stitch.  I had planned to use each stitch on my crazy quilt journal project this year.  I am a bit slow starting that project though.  It funny because I was fully convinced that I should do that project and yet nothing has come to me as yet.  I was wondering if I should do the bead journal project again this year.  I was iffy on it and yet the idea for it came quite quickly.  So I have used the fly stitch on my bead journal project.  This journal page is far from finished but I like the start of it and I thought it would be good to share the progress.  I have stitched onto a photo that I took of a broken windshield.  I have backed the paper with fusible interfacing to make it more stable.  The fly stitch I did very wide and with a short tail.  I like the curving line it gives.  I used a thick white metallic thread and a thin  hologram thread.  Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to photograph