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Botanical Lap Book

This is the first flap inside the cover.  On the right is a small collage on a file folder that holds three tags.  On the left, I created a belly band with vintage trims.  Is it called a belly band when it is verticle? Not sure about that.  It holds three pieces that are two images glued back to back. This is also a spread that is flipped out from the first flap.  It is kind of hard to explain and I really wish the video I had tried to do had turned out.  A video makes more sense. This is also a flip out. It would have made more sense for this photo come one before.  You can see that it has the back of the blue envelope with collage on it.   This flip is an envelope and has a tuck spot as well as plenty of collage This image comes next.  On the left is a collage on an envelop that opens up.  I forgot to photograph the inside and back of it.  Inside I have attached vintage postcards from the early 1900s.  So pretty! On the right is the middle of the book.  You can see it below as well.