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Take a Stitch Tuesday

I am so glad that I always leave a comment on  Sharon B's  blog when I do a TAST.  I really had no recollection of doing the  Interlaced Up and Down Buttonhole stitch .  I stitched it onto a substrate of painted tissue paper adhered to felt.  My comment at the time was that I need more practice to make this stitch look good.  I have not practiced it at all.  However, I don't mind how this stitch looks now.  It isn't nearly as nice and neat as Sharon's.  That's okay as it is interesting.  I was just showing this piece to a friend a few weeks ago.  She absolutely loves it.  She is such a dear friend and always so encouraging to me.  I plan to use this piece in a quilted book.  That will be another one for my trunk show.