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Work in Progress Wednesday

At our guild meeting last week we shared our 'sinchie' challenges.  The theme was nature.  These six-inch square challenges can be fairly quick to create which is a good thing.  I had started one with a leaf as the focal point and wasn't thrilled with the way it was going.  So I created the one in the top photo which is a more abstract interpretation of the theme.  Our meeting was held at The Idea Exchange in Cambridge.  What a fabulous place!  They have a 3D printer, laser cutter, and a few other machines that you can book time to use.  We were shown how the 3D printer works and given a printed button to use.  Also, we were shown how the laser cutter works and given the snowflake ornament.  The guild member that organized the trip has challenged us to use these two things in a fibre piece.  That should be fun! I am linking to