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A Prolific Creator

 I was listening to a podcast this morning.  The interviewer always starts with the artist's origin story.  Were you the arty kid?  I most certainly was an arty kid.  My parent's both worked with their hands and always encouraged me to do so as well.  I remember getting a tiny set of tools when I was quite young.  Dad let me use them to 'help' build our garage.  Mom knitted and sewed.  There were always fabric scraps that I could use.  I am so glad that I took a photo of the stuffies I created when I was about 11 years old.  I am pretty sure they ended up in the garbage as Mom was never overly sentimental.   Birthdays and Christmas often brought arts and crafts supplies.  My oldest brother gave me a good set of paintbrushes possibly around the age of 14ish.  I still have them!  I was also pretty resourceful and found clay at a creek near our home.  There was a Bell telephone building not terribly far away and you could scrounge colourful wire from their dumpster.  I rem