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alcohol ink book covers

I watched a youtube video about using alcohol ink yesterday.  I should have saved the link!  Anyway, it did inspire me.  She glued down all kinds of bits.  She started with tape-masking as well as scotch tape.  She added sequins and tiny beads - the kind without a hole.  So here is my go at it.  I also added some transfer foil but just glued down the whole thing rather than transferring it.  I also added some cello wrap and bugle beads.  I was going for lots of texture.  I did achieve that but it made it difficult to apply the ink.  It was hard to get into the crevices.  I forgot to mention that you apply a layer of white glue over the top of everything before you go at it with the alcohol ink.  That layer of glue helps keep those silly rolly beads in place.  It also means that you cannot work with the ink for too long as it will reactivate the glue and then you end up with a sticky mess.  Of course you have to wait for the glue to dry before you apply the ink. I hope to get thes