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Another Redemption?

 Redemption is a theme that runs through my work.  I may not call attention to it but it is definitely there.  It is a beautiful idea and is most often expressed through the materials I use.  I love to take something old and worn and make it beautiful.  I also like to resurrect old pieces of my own artwork.  It is hard for me to call something a complete failure and give up on it.  A part of me always believes that it can still be made beautiful.  And so it is with this piece.  It started its life in a painting workshop many years ago.  I cut the canvas off the stretchers bars because I was never going to hang it up and it takes less room.  It is the right size for the giant book I am making so I started pondering how to redeem it.  The centre portion is a photo I printed and stitched.  It has been hanging around for a while and I thought it might work on this.  I plunked it down and low and behold I think it looks good.  I need to iron the canvas and decide how to attach the centre po