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TAST catch up week

TAST week 34 was the linked double chain stitch.  I actually did the stitch that week but forgot to post about it.  You can see my attempt in the top photo.  I don't think it is right.  Not understanding how to do a stitch really takes the joy out of it for me.  Plus if it is too difficult for me to get then I am just not interested in it.  I have enough responsibilities in my life and I feel like my stitching is a refuge.  It is not that I don't want to learn new things.  For sure I want to learn and grow.  I just don't want any frustration with it. TAST week 33 was the pekinese stitch.  I liked this stitch.  Mind you I used a fairly thick wool to make things easy for myself.  Also, I can not imagine myself doing tons of this stitch with delicate thread like it was intended.  For details of Take a Stitch Tuesday check out  the blog that Sharon has at