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Over the top girly swirly altered book

This book was created around the quote 'girls just want to have funds'. A friend of mine had that quote written in a journal she showed me - it's a take off of the Cindy Lauper song 'Girls just want to have fun'. Well, not to be greedy or anything but I want both fun and funds! Truthfully though I have all I need and I count my many blessings. My book it is not totally finished and so I hesitate to post about it. There is only one page that is not finished and I am a bit stuck. I bought the September issue of Vogue in hopes of finding some inspiration. But, alas, no inspiration was to be found. Anna Wintour you have disappointed me. Or was it the designers that disappointed? Reinventing the 80's!!!! Not a good idea! I figure I wore it twenty years ago so I don't ever have to wear it again. What were they thinking?! Here is the cover of the book. The beautiful beaded purse on the cover I received in a swap. I could never, ever make such a th