I have created 100's of unique mandalas  Each mandala individually crafted with only peace of mind.  The repeating patterns became a soothing meditation.  These mandalas are mainly bright and cheerful.  I worked with pencil crayons and markers, paint and glitter.  I played with any art supply that struck my fancy.  Each mandala is a thing of beauty to me even though I did not put the expectation of beauty on them.

Why did I choose mandalas?  There are a number of reasons for this choice.  First and foremost being the sense of calm and peace I enjoy while creating them.  There is a lot of turmoil in the world right now.  The Covid-19 pandemic is raging, still.  Where I live we are enduring yet another lockdown.  Mental and emotional well being is all but being ignored.  My two part-time jobs in the arts are considered non-essential.  Withdrawing from all the negativity is my coping mechanism.  I find refuge and solace in creating art of any kind but particularly when I create a mandala.  

There seems to be no better time than now to use my creativity to create mandalas.  My creative practice has seen me through more tumultuous times than this.  Having a son with a brain tumour and needing three neurosurgeries was certainly more challenging.  Spending time in my studio allows me to process my fears through my art.  It gets me out of my head where there can be an endless loop of what-ifs.  In tumultuous times I choose to support my well being through the arts.

When I let my creativity loose I am pleasantly surprised how quickly everything else falls away.  There is no time or hunger.  Issues fall into the background and my mind becomes a beautiful playground where anything is possible. Especially with a mandala where inside the confines of a circle a myriad of pattern converges.  A kaleidoscope of wonder.  I dream of a world where everyone connects with their true creativity and knows the healing power therein.

This sacred circle has aided my ability to focus and concentrate.  I feel balanced and at rest.  Mandalas are an exercise in connecting with my deeper self.  They have aided me in opening up to new ideas and explorations.  Allowing each mark to work its magic aiding me in practising self tenderness and compassion.  Recognizing my 
unlimited soul as a perfect place for rest.  This place where I am always enough. 

Jung calls the circle the archetype of wholeness.  Wholeness, complete lacking nothing doesn’t that speak of perfect health?  Harmony and unity, infinite and eternity are notions also connected to the circle.  Is it any wonder that I am compelled to work within a circle?  The limitless possibilities are awe-inspiring. I find myself lost but not drowning.  I am unbounded and unstifled.  I am eager to continue making mandalas that represent my wholeness.

Each mandala was created using the humble coffee filter as a base.  Coffee filters are inexpensive, very durable and easily available.  Using a product that is not precious brings certain freedom.  I felt no overbearing need to make my mandalas perfect.  After all, what is perfect?  Being lost in the freedom of self-expression sounds pretty good to me!


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