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coloring ric rac

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a bag of ric rac at the thrift store.  Not all the colors were to my taste so yesterday I experimented with 'dyeing' them.  The top picture I used Inktense blocks.  I wet the ric rac and applied the block directly to the ric rac.  I got nice intense color on the top.  The color did not bleed through completely to the other side so you can see it is much lighter.  Inktense does not change the hand of the ric rac at all.  I love that! The other thing I used to experiment is Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay India Ink.  Again, I wet the ric rac and then dropped in color with the ink dropper.  Lovely intense color but this ink did change the hand of the ric rac.  It made it a bit stiff.  Not really a big deal to me.  I love two for one so I took prints of the ric rac while it was still wet.  I think the paper could make an interesting background for a journal page.