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Working on an Installation

I am over the moon excited.  I have been booked to do not one but two installations.  My work will be seen at TheMuseum in 2019 for their show Colour.  Pictured above is my yellow splat.  There are over two hundred mini rubber duckies on the splat.  So fun!  I am making a coloured splat for each colour of the rainbow plus white and black.  They will be installed on the floor below paint cans that have different materials coming out of them to represent each colour. I am so grateful for Laurel at TheMuseum.  I am grateful that she believes me.  I am grateful for this opportunity to think big! I have to give full credit to my son Jeremy.  He was the one that suggested the rubber duckies.  Does that mean I can blame him for driving the dog nuts too?  Poor Trinity has heard them squeak and now desperately wants one.